Citizen of Wonderland
Unite the Lorax Fandom - Secret Santa

I realize this is late but here:

URL: citizen-of-wonderland

Brief Description of Yourself: I love ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ Classic Disney, books, antiques, and period films. My favorite Once-ler pairings are Rapunz-ler (Rapunzel & Once-ler) and Aud-ler (Audrey [19-20 years] and Once-ler [22 years]). I also think a family pairing of Once-ler and Vanellope (Wreck It Ralph), like brother and sister, would be cute. I am not into oncest.

OC/askblog/character Name and Reference picture: I do not have an OC or askblog yet, but I do roleplay with a few. Mainly Teacup Once-ler and Petshop Once-ler.

What you are hoping to get: Something involving one of my favorite pairings or incorporating my other interests with the Once-ler.

Oh! One more thing. Please keep it clean. No NSFW.